Welcome to your Cat 1 - Alertness, Attitude, Documents & Hazard Awareness


Why is it not a good idea to drive to close to this lorry?

What is the correct speed to drive at in the fog?

What should a newly qualified driver do?

If you are taking medication & you feel drowsy, what should you do?

If you car's MOT has run out, when are you only allowed to drive it?

What should you do it someone, pulls out in front of you whilst you are driving?

There are 2 horses ahead of you, what should you do?

What should you do if the large lorry in front of you is indicating to turn left, but moves out to the right?

Why should you never use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving?

Why is hanging items from your interior mirror not advised?

Drinking alcohol as a driver will give you

When should you give way to a bus?

What does the words Blind Spot mean?

Are cyclist allowed to ride on the pavement?

What is the normal reaction time of a full alert driver?