Welcome to your Cat 1 - Alertness, Attitude, Documents & Hazard Awareness

You are approaching a junction, & the traffic lights are not working, what should you do?

What is tailgating?

When can you supervise a Learner Driver? Mark THREE answers

Are cyclist allowed to ride on the pavement?

When should you use your vehicle horn?

Drinking alcohol as a driver will give you

You are moving off from the side of the road, where should you check before you move away?

What can distract you from your driving? Mark TWO answers

What should you do if the large lorry is turning right in front of you, & moves to the left hand side of the road   Lorry turning right

Why is it not a good idea to drive to close to this lorry?

Why is hanging items from your interior mirror not advised?

What should you do if the large lorry in front of you is indicating to turn left, but moves out to the right?

If you car's MOT has run out, when are you only allowed to drive it?

You are driving in the motorway, you start to feel drowsy, what should you do?

You are in a one-way street. You intend to turn right at the end of the street. Where should you position your car?