Learners on Motorways

Since the law changed in 2018 learner drivers are allowed on motorways. The new law states that a learner must be in a car fitted with dual controls and with an approved driving instructor, so your parents or friends can’t give you a lesson on these fast roads. This is for your safety as well as the safety of other road users. Whilst motorways are statistically one of the safest roads to drive on, they do need more awareness and mistakes made at high speed could have serious consequences.

Motorway sign

Why did the law change?

It changed to ensure new drivers know how to use motorways safely. New drivers might find motorways more daunting, so some experience will give them confidence on faster roads. It will also allow them to learn how to join and leave the motorway safely. Motorway lessons aren’t compulsory, it’s up to the driving instructor to decide if a learner would benefit from these lessons.

Does everyone get motorway lessons?

We don’t automatically give our learners lessons on motorways. Every learner driver is different, so we will only give a learner a lesson on the motorway if we feel they need it. For some people it’s better to get experience and build confidence on other roads. This allows them to pass their test, then if they want they can return for a motorway lesson.

We offer lessons on motorways for anyone that has passed their test. Some people don’t want to drive on motorways for a while after passing their test, but can come and have a motorway lesson when they feel ready. You don’t stop learning just because you’ve passed your test. At Always Pass we’re experienced driving instructors, and can help you to pass your test if you’ve never driven before, or we can give you extra lessons if you have a licence but are worried about driving on motorways. If you’d like to have some lessons get in touch with us.

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