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Welcome to your Cat 1 - Alertness, Attitude, Documents & Hazard Awareness


What can distract you from your driving? Mark TWO answers

What does the words Blind Spot mean?

Where would a windscreen pillar obstruct your view more than normal?

What is the correct speed to drive at in the fog?

There are 2 horses ahead of you, what should you do?

Why should you never use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving?

Why should you read the leaflet about any medication you are taking?

What are the causes for loss of concentration?

If you are taking medication & you feel drowsy, what should you do?

You are approaching an unmarked crossroads, what should you do?

When in stationary traffic, how do you minimalize glare to the vehicle behind you?

What should a newly qualified driver do?

You are driving & feel tired, what should you do?

When should you flash your headlights?

What is the last thing you should do when moving off from behind a parked vehicle?