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Welcome to your Cat 1 - Alertness, Attitude, Documents & Hazard Awareness


What is the correct speed to drive at in the fog?

If you car's MOT has run out, when are you only allowed to drive it?

What can distract you from your driving? Mark TWO answers

You have just passed your driving test, you get 6 penalty points on your licence, within 2 years of taking your test. What will you have to do?

Why is hanging items from your interior mirror not advised?

When can you supervise a Learner Driver? Mark THREE answers

What documents do you need to get road tax? - Mark TWO answers

You are driving in the motorway, you start to feel drowsy, what should you do?

Before initiating the overtaking manoeuvre, what do you need to consider?

If you are taking medication & you feel drowsy, what should you do?

What does DVLA stand for?

What is tailgating?

What should you do if the large lorry in front of you is indicating to turn left, but moves out to the right?

Drinking alcohol as a driver will give you

What should you do if the large lorry is turning right in front of you, & moves to the left hand side of the road   Lorry turning right