Electric cars for the future 

The UK government plans to ban new petrol and diesel cars going on sale from 2035, or even as early as 2032 (read the BBC article here). This will mean cleaner air for everyone, and will hopefully make the environment better too. What does that mean for the learners of the future, and people that are learning to drive now?

As electric cars cannot stall like a conventional combustion engine they have no need for a clutch, they also do not need gears to run, so the majority of electric cars are automatic not manual. Learners of the future will probably opt for automatic lessons, and the DVLA may alter the driving test to allow for maintenance of an electric car instead of a traditional combustion engine.

If you’re thinking of learning to drive you might have to think about which lessons are right for you. Do you want manual lessons as the majority of cars on the road today are manual, or would you rather have automatic lessons, as these will probably be more relevant in the future? Whatever you decide we have experienced driving instructors, and can teach in manual or automatic cars. Here at Always Pass we’re excited about your future on the road, and will help you to pass your test.