Watch Your Speed

Did you know that just because a speed camera is installed it might not actually be turned on? Dash cam manufacturer Road Angel has commissioned research into the UK’s speed cameras. The findings are very surprising, the number of cameras that are operational depends on the region you’re in. Dyfed-Powys in Wales, and Suffolk and the West Midlands in England had the highest number of working speed cameras, most (at least 95%) of their cameras worked. At the other end of the scale is Leicestershire, there they had 78% of cameras inactive, with only 4 actually working. You can take a look at all of their findings here.

This, of course is no excuse for speeding. We don’t watch our speed just because we might get a fine. You are more likely to have an accident if you’re going too fast, and if you do hit a cyclist or pedestrian small increases in speed can lead to life changing injuries or fatalities. This is a great reason to learn good practices when you’re learning to drive.

Learn Safely

Most learners will recognise that we need to use the appropriate speed for the road and conditions. For a learner to pass their theory test they will have learnt what a speed limit sign looks like (that is limit not the speed you have to travel at!) Learners also need to know stopping distances, and these eloquently show the faster you’re travelling the longer distance it will take you to stop.

You have to wonder why the speed cameras are there if they’re not turned on. Some people think they will slow traffic down, as drivers don’t know if it’s turned off. This probably works if the camera is very visible, and if it’s slowing the traffic, then it’s doing a good job. Other drivers might feel that if a camera has been out of action for a long time it should be removed. They could be a distraction when driving, and as we should be aware of our speed at all times any unwanted distractions should be removed. Whichever side of the debate you’re on, we’re all better drivers if we’re aware of our speed.

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