High petrol costs

It now costs over £100 to fill the average cars petrol tank, which is a painful fact for most motorists that need to drive to get to work. Fuel prices have been rising sharply since 2020, over the last two years they have risen around 50 pence per litre. The rise in petrol prices is due to a number of factors. The main one is the war in Ukraine, and moves to reduce our dependence on Russian oil. The cut in fuel duty has not had much of an effect on prices as they have been rising so quickly. A full report about the rise in petrol prices can be found on the BBC, that you can read here.

Concern for learners

This has to be a concern for learner drivers, as unfortunately if driving instructors have to pay a lot more for fuel they will be forced to put the cost of lessons up. We have not increased our lesson prices yet, as we’re trying to keep the cost of our lessons very competitive. If petrol prices keep rising the price of everything will rise. It obviously means it is harder for learners that have just passed to be able to afford to run their first car. The cost of living crisis hits all parts of our society.

high petrol prices
learn in an electric car

The Solution

With petrol prices rising to this all time high, and the climate crisis requiring us all to use fewer fossil fuels, now is a good time to invest in electric vehicles. These are only greener if your electricity is generated by renewable sources, but it is possible to have carbon free motoring in the future. We recognise that learning to drive is going to change dramatically in the future, with more people wanting to learn in an electric vehicle.

Todays learners will spend most of the rest of their lives driving electric cars rather than the petrol vehicles that most people learn to drive. This is why we have invested in a fully electric car. This makes sense not just in economic terms, with no more expensive trips to the petrol station, but in terms of the future for our learners.

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