Driving in Adverse Weather

The last few weeks have seen some extreme weather in parts of the country. From high winds, flooding and blizzard conditions we’ve had everything that winter can throw at us! When you’re thinking about driving in adverse weather it’s good sense to plan ahead. If you’ve just passed your test you will need to think about preparing your car for winter weather. Go Compare have written a useful article about everything you need to do to make your car ready for winter weather. You can read the article here.


We would always recommend that you think ahead. If extreme weather is forecasted it’s worth re-thinking your plans. Can the journey wait? If it’s not urgent it can be a good idea to change your plans until any extreme weather has passed.

Just driving a different route might make all the difference if the journey can’t be postponed. If the extreme weather you’re experiencing are high winds you might want to choose more sheltered roads (not over high hills/mountains and avoiding large bridges that may be closed). Be aware you will need to drive slower than usual. When snow is forecasted then stick to the main roads which will have been cleared and gritted. If there is a risk of floods try to avoid roads that go alongside rivers that are at risk of flooding. Never try to drive through flood water, it can be deeper than you expect. Planning a good route in advance can make sure that you arrive safely.

Driving in ice and snow
driving in adverse weather


Just having the right things in your car, summer or winter could help you out. If you’re going on a long journey it’s always a good idea to check your car is ready by checking the oil and water levels and checking the tyre tread depth.

Things to include in your car should be a bottle or flask of water, a first aid kit, ice scraper and a blanket, you might also want a snack. If you wear glasses for driving you might feel it’s a good idea to keep a spare pair in the car, just in case yours are damaged or lost when you’re out. Sunglasses are a good addition just in case of winter sun at a low angle. Another useful item to have in the boot is a hi-vis jacket or vest. If you find yourself stuck on an unlit road you will be a lot safer if you’re very visible. It’s also a good idea to have a pen and notepad, just in case you do have an accident and need to swap details – you never know if your phone will be out of charge.

It sounds like a lot, but if these useful things are kept in your car you will be prepared for anything!

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